Python has been adopted by the financial industry at a tremendous rate, with some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds applying it to build core trading and risk management systems, enabling them to process large data volumes with greater speed and clarity for enhanced competitive advantage.

Bloomberg and ACI Singapore are proud to offer an exclusive three-part online introduction to using Python in the financial world. In the first session, you'll discover Python as a programming language and get familiar with its applications. In the following two sessions, you'll dive into actual programming to experience Python's versatility and intuitive syntax, and learn how you can start applying it in your workflow.

This bootcamp will also feature a segment by Tom DeVoe, a world acclaimed Mentalist. Tom DeVoe will be sharing his unique skill that uses techniques of psychology, suggestion and observation to do impossible, amazing things with people's minds. For more information on what a mentalist is, please visit Tom's website

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